Let me introduce my recent work - energetic dark techno minimal studio set "Black magic" contains carefully selected dark techno songs of other artists in easygoing environment of New Zeland and then mixed afterwards in Netherlands studio. I was focusing on to use best tracks, transition effects and most importantly timing of the mix. This set is recorded live from Traktor Kontrol S2. UAD Fairchild Tube Limiter was used to enhance that very important low-end. Presented on Art Style: Techno - Czech Techno Manufactory with Dj Franke. Episode #34
  • DJ
    From the very beginning I was playing using Traktor my original techno songs. Later on I started to play songs of other artists as well. Played along with artist like Pavel Krejdl, Toky, Daho, Ginger, Raao, Radan Just, Packo Gualadris, Lady Frog, Kosi, Lucasch, Milldie, NicTix, Toper, Noon and many others.
    Fast Tracker, Fruity Loops, Reason, Cubase, Logic X. Each environment has its own inspirational value. Right now I am producing mainly using Native Instruments because its integrated solution which just works for me. You can use sampling or synthesis possibilities and Reaktor offers some modular concept as well. I also use Moog SUB 37 subtractive synthesiser because this is just analog beauty everyone should try.
    These days I can play part DJ set form NI Traktor Kontrol S2 + part live from MASCHINE JAM. This solution allows me to play selected tracks in way no other equipment will do and I can play my live creations on the fly at the same time.
    Positive music relationship was forming from the early childhood when discovered by my parents. I was obsessed with everything what was making any sound. I was guided by 3 music teachers during course of time. One of them and most important explained to me all basic principles in order to play piano properly. The other two some music theory and playing in the band.
    First important influence was HipHop, in cooperation with group Pražmo Squad under Martin Saglena supervision we made more than one local hit. We have one project “Paranormal” and song “žena” (woman) that we created with Martin as solo project later on.
    I have to thank my brother David because he introduced me to the wonders of electronic music. Back then it was Jungle and Tekkno but with group of friends we found out that our favourite is techno and also later on D&B.
    In Year 2001/2002 Me and Radim Alaksa are organising first party in Tofel. “Party na záchodcích v Ostravě” we had party where Joseph and Peter figured it out the name of the party and Tano created first flayer. Because I was poor and student I gave up opportunity to contribute any further in favour of our group of friends. They are able to scale up and organize other 9 parties. I played live form Propellerhead Reason on PC with CRT monitor and gum spider on it together with Raa.o on vinyl. After long brake i convinced previous party organisers to gave my opportunity to do it again. I was able to do another 10 parties. It was Mortal Combat Rebirth. And the future is yet to form. :)
    Is my own project to gather people which are somehow important form art point of view. Producers, DJs, VJ, web designers, 3D artist, and so on.. currently under heavy reconstruction.

Periodic Elements - Originals

What i was thinking quite a while about is that Periodic Elements will be set of 12 tracks. Using several differents enviroments for creating music will keep diversity of sound wide enough. The main idea is to produce tracks from very simple ones to the more complicated in order to keep flow going. Lets see if there will be any impact. Enjoy!